Our Story


For the past 10+ years I have travelled to Europe, Asia and Latin America as a Globalization Strategist for different High Tech Companies in the Silicon Valley. During my travels I learned that no matter where I go, business meetings, social events, and inside the plane, I can and many times should, be fashionably on the go!

True Story:

A co-worker and I travelled to China for an important partner visit.

Knowing that we would have only 2hrs to get to the hotel, change clothes and drive to the partner site, I decided to travel in style: Business black dress, long jacket, high heels, and my Prada laptop handbag with a makeup bag inside, just in case. Of course I had folding slippers in my bag to wear during the flight but with the heels, I not only looked good but also saved space on my handbag.

Meanwhile, my co-worker decided on a very different look: T-shirt, sweat pants and Nike shoes. Not that I have anything against it but, long story short…

Upon arriving in Beijing, we received the not so great news that her luggage had not arrived and they would send it to our hotel later at night. With only 2hrs to get to the partner site, my peer panicked! Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, my clothes would not fit her and with a smaller window to shop at this point, 1hr for the partner presentation, she call it a quit and went to the hotel. She missed the presentation, the dinner party and the opportunity to make a great impression.

This is when “Fashionably on the Go!” was born: As a new way to think about how we dress for all the different occasions in life. This new way makes us feel great about ourselves no matter where we go, without compromising our own style and comfort. Both important aspects of many of us living in the Valley.

I invite you to come to this fashionable journey with me by contacting me today and become Fashionably on the Go!

Luciana Vecchi